Wordscapes Level 1018 Answers [Air 10, Lake]

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To complete Wordscapes level 1018 [Air 10, Lake], players must use the letters G, B, I, O, L, N to make the words: BOG, LONG, BLOG, LOGIN, GLOB, GLIB, BIN, LION, BLING, LOIN, BIG, GOBLIN, LOG, LOB, BIO, BONG, BINGO, BOIL, NIL, LINGO.

Wordscapes Level 1018 Answers [Air 10, Lake]

This guide is for both experienced Wordscapes players and those just starting out, providing all the necessary information for success.

From the fundamentals of the game to advanced tactics and techniques, we will cover everything you need to know to solve Wordscapes level 1018 and continue to face bigger challenges.

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Wordscapes Level 1018 [Air 10, Lake]

Wordscapes level 1018 is a difficult level that will challenge players to use their vocabulary and problem-solving skills.

In this level, players are required to use the letters G, B, I, O, L, N on the board to form as many words as possible.

To pass, you need to spell all the words correctly.

It’s not going to be easy, but with the right plan and a bit of luck, this goal can be attained.

Wordscapes Level 1018 Answers

In Wordscapes level 1018, players can follow this sequence to complete the goal words and pass the level:


Additionally, the following words can be created from the given letters, but are not part of the objective words:


Words Definition

As mentioned before, the goal words for level 1018 were introduced, along with the extra words that can be formed from the tray letters.

Now, let’s see what they mean:

  • BOG: [noun]soft, wet ground, or an area of this.
  • LONG: [adjective]continuing for a large amount of time.
  • BLOG: [noun]a regular record of your thoughts, opinions, or experiences that you put on the internet for other people to read.
  • LOGIN: [noun]a name that you enter in order to be able to use a computer system.
  • GLOB: [noun]a round mass of a thick liquid or a sticky substance.
  • GLIB: [adjective]speaking or spoken in a confident way, but without careful thought or honesty.
  • BIN: [noun]a container for waste.
  • LION: [noun]a large wild animal of the cat family with yellowish-brown fur that lives in Africa and southern Asia.
  • BLING: [noun]jewellery or decoration that attracts attention because it is very noticeable and looks expensive.
  • LOIN: [noun](a piece of) meat from the back of an animal near the tail or from the top part of the back legs.
  • BIG: [adjective]large in size or amount.
  • GOBLIN: [noun](in stories) a small, ugly creature that is harmful to humans.
  • LOG: [noun]a thick piece of tree trunk or branch, especially one cut for burning on a fire.
  • LOB: [verb]to throw something so that it goes high in the air in a curve.
  • BIO: [prefix]connected with life and living things.
  • BONG: [noun]a musical noise made especially by a large clock.
  • BINGO: [noun]a game in which prizes can be won by matching numbers on a card with those chosen by chance.
  • BOIL: [verb]to reach, or cause something to reach, the temperature at which a liquid starts to turn into a gas.
  • NIL: [noun]nothing.
  • LINGO: [noun]a foreign language.
  • BIOG:
  • BOI:
  • GIO:
  • NOB: [noun]a rich person whose family has been important for a long time.
  • NOIL:
  • BING: [noun]the second letter of the English alphabet.
  • LIN:
  • BOING:
  • LING: written abbreviation for age, sex, and location: used when you are talking to someone in an internet chat room and you want to ask how old they are, if they are male or female, and where they live.
  • ION: [noun]an atom or small group of atoms that has an electrical charge because it has added or lost one or more electrons.
  • BLIN:
  • OIL: [noun]petroleum (= the black oil obtained from under the earth’s surface from which petrol comes).
  • NIB: [noun]a pointed metal part at one end of a pen, that the ink flows through when you write or draw.
  • GON:
  • GOBI: [noun]cauliflower or cabbage.
  • ING: [suffix]used to form the present participle of regular verbs.
  • GOB: [noun]a mouth.
  • LIG:
  • GIN: [noun]a clear, strong alcoholic drink flavoured with juniper berries (= small fruits).
  • LOBI: plural of lobus specialized.
  • NOG: [noun]short for eggnog : a drink made from milk, sugar, and eggs, often mixed with alcohol such as brandy or rum.
  • LIB: [noun] liberation : used especially in informal names of organizations that try to remove the disadvantages experienced by particular groups within society.
  • OBI:
  • GLOBI:
  • BON: [exclamation]a phrase said to people who are going away, meaning “I hope you have a safe and enjoyable journey”.
  • GIB: [noun]a unit of computer information, consisting of 1,024 megabytes.
  • INGO:
  • LINO: [noun]a stiff, smooth material that is used for covering floors.

The definitions of these words are from the reputable Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

What Is Wordscapes?

Wordscapes is a popular word game that challenges players to create as many words as they can using the letters given to them.

This game tests players’ vocabulary and spatial reasoning abilities by presenting them with a set of letters and challenging them to spell words by sliding the letters around the game board in any direction.

When a word is completed, it will be removed from the board and the player will earn points according to the word’s length, with longer words worth more points.


In conclusion, Wordscapes level 1018 may be difficult, but it is not impossible to succeed.

By spending time to find common patterns and letter combinations, and using a dictionary or word list to help you, you can increase your chances of success and move on to the next level of the game.

Through dedication, patience, and a positive attitude, you can conquer this level.

By following the tips and strategies in this guide, you will successfully complete this level and earn all 3 stars.

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Now that you have a detailed plan and some helpful advice, give level 1019 a shot by yourself!

Go get ’em!

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