Wordscapes Level 787 Answers [Sand 3, Desert]

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To complete Wordscapes level 787 [Sand 3, Desert], players must use the letters E, D, O, L, G to make the words: LOG, GOD, EGG, OGLE, LED, GEL, LODGE, DOLE, DOG, LODE, GOLD, DOGLEG, EGO, LEG.

Wordscapes Level 787 Answers [Sand 3, Desert]

This guide is designed to help both experienced Wordscapes players and newcomers, providing all the necessary information for success.

From the basics of the game to advanced strategies and tips, this guide will give you the knowledge you need to solve Wordscapes level 787 and tackle even tougher challenges.

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Wordscapes Level 787 [Sand 3, Desert]

Wordscapes level 787 is a tough level that will require players to use their knowledge of words and their ability to solve problems.

In this level, players must use the letters E, D, O, L, G provided on the board to make as many words as possible.

Players must create a larger number of words in order to earn all three stars.

It’s a tough target, but with the right strategy and some luck, it’s definitely doable.

Wordscapes Level 787 Answers

In Wordscapes level 787, players can follow this sequence to complete the target words and pass the level:


Additionally, the following words can be created from the given letters, but are not part of the objective words:


Words Definition

In the previous section, the target words for level 787 were presented, along with the additional words that can be formed from the tray letters.

Continuing on, let’s examine the meanings of each:

  • LOG: [noun]a thick piece of tree trunk or branch, especially one cut for burning on a fire.
  • GOD: [noun]a spirit or being believed to control some part of the universe or life and often worshipped for doing so, or something that represents this spirit or being.
  • EGG: [noun]the oval object with a hard shell that is produced by female birds, especially chickens, eaten as food.
  • OGLE: [verb]to look at someone with obvious sexual interest.
  • LED: [verb]past simple and past participle of lead.
  • GEL: [noun]a thick, clear, liquid substance, especially one used on the hair or body.
  • LODGE: [verb]to make an official complaint about something.
  • DOLE: [noun]the money that the government gives to people who are unemployed.
  • DOG: [noun]a common animal with four legs, especially kept by people as a pet or to hunt or guard things.
  • LODE: [noun]a layer of metal in its natural form as ore in the ground.
  • GOLD: [noun]a chemical element that is a valuable, shiny, yellow metal used to make coins and jewellery.
  • DOGLEG: [noun]a sharp bend, especially in a road or on a golf course.
  • EGO: [noun]your idea or opinion of yourself, especially your feeling of your own importance and ability.
  • LEG: [noun]one of the parts of the body of a human or animal that is used for standing or walking.
  • GOE:
  • DOGE: [noun]the most important government official in an Italian city-state, for example Venice and Genoa, in the past.
  • DEG: [noun](an) amount or level of something.
  • DEL: [noun]abbreviation for delete: a key on a computer keyboard that you press to remove data.
  • GLEG:
  • ELD:
  • OLE: [adjective]an informal way of saying and writing “old”.
  • DOE: [noun]the female of animals such as the deer or rabbit.
  • GLED:
  • GELD: [verb]to remove the testicles of a male horse or similar animal.
  • GEO: [prefix]of or relating to the earth.
  • OLDE: [adjective]old in a very noticeable or artificial way, or made to look old in a way that seems false.
  • GED: [noun]abbreviation for General Equivalency Diploma: an official document in the US that is given to someone who did not complete high school (= school for students aged 15 to 18) but who has passed an exam that shows they have similar skills to someone who did.
  • GOEL:
  • ODE: [noun]a poem expressing the writer’s thoughts and feelings about a particular person or subject, usually written to that person or subject.
  • LOD:
  • GOLE:
  • DOL: [noun]a written record produced each day at the London Stock Exchange of all the prices of stocks and shares that can be bought or sold there.
  • LOGE:
  • GLODE:
  • DELO:
  • LOGGED: past simple and past participle of log.
  • OGLED: [verb]to look at someone with obvious sexual interest.
  • OLD: [adjective]having lived or existed for many years.

These meanings are taken from the trusted Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

What Is Wordscapes?

Wordscapes is a popular word game that challenges players to create as many words as they can using the letters given to them.

In each level, players are tasked with using their word-building skills to create valid words from a set of letters. The letters can be moved up, down, left, right, or diagonally to spell words.

When a word is completed, it will be erased from the game board and the player will be awarded points according to the length of the word, with longer words worth more points.


In essence, Wordscapes level 787 may be difficult, but it is not impossible to finish.

If you take your time and look for common patterns, you can use resources like dictionaries and word lists to complete the level and earn all 3 stars.

By putting in the time, being patient, and maintaining a positive outlook, you can master this level.

With the help of this guide, you can successfully complete the level and earn all 3 stars by following the tips and strategies provided.

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