Wordscapes Level 51 Answers

Level 51 (Fog 3, Forest) of Wordscapes is labeled a “Hard Level” in the game. Players must make 8words with the 5letters in the bottom tray.

In fact, this level is challenging for some players.

Below, you can find some cheats for level 51 as well as a guide that includes the answers, a step-by-step solution, definitions of the answers, some tips for solving puzzles on Wordscapes, and a short list of other words you could make in this level that weren’t on the answer board.

Let’s get right to the point.

Wordscapes Level 50 (Fog 2, Forest): Answers

The board’s letters for this round are A, I, L, S, B. We can tell that the answers will have one 5-letter word, five 4-letter words, and two 3-letter words.

Below are the answers to level 51 of wordscapes:

  1. BASIL
  2. BAIL
  3. SLAB
  4. AILS
  5. SAIL
  6. BIAS
  7. LAB
  8. ABS
Wordscapes Level 51 Answers
Wordscapes Level 51 Answers

Above is a screenshot of the completion of this level.

We can find:

The 5-letter word is BASIL, the 4-letter words are BAIL, SLAB, AILS, SAIL, and BIAS, and the 3-letter words are LAB and ABS.

Step-by-Step Solution

I like to begin every level by first figuring out the word that is made from all 5 letters. You can tell from the board that there is only one word that uses all 5 letters.

Looking at these 5 letters, you can begin rearranging them in different combinations until you land on a combination that makes a word.

For example, the letter combinations I went through were SAILB > BLISA > BASIL.

After figuring out that word, you can move on to figuring out the 4-letter and 3-letter words on the board: LAB and ABS.

From here, you only have the four-letter words left, and your previous answers have revealed some letters for you. Here is what you now know about the remaining words:

B _ _ L

S _ _ B

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ S

Rather than guessing random 4-letter words, you should begin with the words that already have letters revealed. Likewise, the words with two letters revealed are missing a vowel, so you know another letter will either be an A or an I (or both as we’ll see soon).

From here, you can determine the first 4-letter word to be BAIL and the second to be SLAB.

Now with three words remaining, you know the following letters:

A _ _ _

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ S

From this point, solving either the first or last word will reveal another letter for the middle word. Because either word will aid in your solving of the final word, you can guess either AILS or BIAS to reveal a letter for the last 4-letter word. For the sake of this walk-through, let’s say you guessed AILS first. Now your words remaining should look like this:

S _ _ _

_ _ _ S

Because it’s easier to guess a word when you know just the first letter rather than knowing just the last letter (Our brains like to start at the beginning of a problem and solve forward rather than begin at the end and work backwards), you can solve for SAIL next.

Now, for the last word on the board, you have only two letters left to fill.

_ I _ S

From here, you can solve for BIAS to complete the level! Congratulations!

step 1: B-A-S-I-L
step 1: B-A-S-I-L
step 2: B-A-I-L
step 2: B-A-I-L
step 3: S-L-A-B
step 3: S-L-A-B
step 4: A-I-L-S
step 4: A-I-L-S
step 5: S-A-I-L
step 5: S-A-I-L
step 6: B-I-A-S
step 6: B-I-A-S
step 7: L-A-B
step 7: L-A-B
step 8: A-B-S
step 8: A-B-S


Wordscapes has a great feature in their game where you can quickly look to see the definition of any solved word via Wiktionary! Below is an example of what the definitions provided by Wordscapes look like as well as definitions for all the answers. All definitions are sourced from Dictionary.Com


word definition via Wiktionary

Bail: 1. (noun) A sum of money that is used for the release of an arrested person and to ensure the released person’s appearance at trial; 2. (noun) The state of being released from jail

Ails (see: Ail): 1. (verb) To cause pain, uneasiness, or trouble 

Sail: 1. (verb) To move over water (usually in a boat); 2. (verb) To manage a sailboat; 3. (noun) A piece of canvas or fabric extended in a way to catch the wind and use the wind in such a way that it moves a vessel (e.g., a boat) forward.

Bias: 1. (noun) A feeling, inclination, or opinion towards something that is based on preconceived notions; 2. (adjective) Cut diagonally.

Lab: 1. (noun) Short for laboratory, a place or building where scientific experiments can be conducted.

Abs: 1. (noun) Short for abdominal muscles

Tips and Tricks

1. If you are given two vowels, try to use both vowels in creating words!

We all know that every word needs a vowel, and short words tend to have only one vowel, not two. This means words with two vowels are harder to guess, even with all the letters right in front of you.

2. Use the shuffle button!

shuffle button

If you ever feel like you’ve spelled every possible word for a level, but you need one more word to complete the level, use the shuffle option in the game. Sometimes, our brain just needs to see the letters in a different pattern to recognize a possible word.

3. Add an S

If you have an S on your letter board, add it to the end of some of the words you’ve made. For example, on level 51, I made the word LAB. I could add the S to make the word LABS. Now, that wasn’t an answer on this level, but on another level it might be!

4. Use a hint!

hint button

As you play the levels, you earn coins. These coins can be used to purchase hints. Where 1 hint costs 100 coins. These hints work like a small cheat by revealing a random letter on the board.

5. Get specific with a bullseye

bullseye button

If you’re trying to figure out one specific letter, and don’t want to deal with the randomness of the hint booster, then the bullseye might be a better option for you. For 200 coins, you can use a bullseye to reveal one letter of your choosing, anywhere on the board!

Additional Words

I’m sure you’ve noticed that these letters might make more words than just the 8 words on this board. And you’d be right! Here is a list of some other words you can make with these letters.

  • Bails – a container used to remove water from a boat;
  • Labs – LABORATORY;
  • Lib – a movement seeking equal rights and status for a group;
  • Libs – plural of lib;
  • Sib – related by blood : AKIN;
  • Ail – to give physical or emotional pain, discomfort, or trouble to;

Wordscapes is a great game to play to relax your mind and exercise it at the same time! Likewise, with the dictionary feature on each level, you can learn something if you encounter a word you’ve never seen before!

Go To The Next Level

Now that you’ve gotten a step-by-step strategy and some helpful hints, take a shot at level 52 (another hard level) on your own! I’ll even give you a head start. The five letters for this level are E, L, A, N, I.

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