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Wordscapes is a fun and challenging word puzzle game created by the PeopleFun team.

Wordscapes can help improve your vocabulary, spelling, and problem-solving skills. It can also be a fun and engaging way to pass the time and challenge your mind.

Wordscapes game consists of 6000 regular levels where the player must find all the words using the letters in the bottom tray to pass the level. After 6000 players start the master level, it’s endless.

We will post picture hints, short answers and detailed video cheats for all levels that can help you solve all puzzles easily.

Click on the “cheats and answers” button below to reach quickly.

In addition, there is a daily puzzle, which is very attractive.

There are many small events where players can team up and compete to win small gifts and pets, such as butterflies.

The game is both simple and brain-intensive and is a fun way for me to engage my brain in my free time.

Players can run the wordscapes app on Android and IOS phones, and it is available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Who Is Behind This Site?


Alia Ketchen

Hi there, my name is Alia.

I am a professional game testing engineer who loves crossword and charades puzzles. wordscapespro.com has recorded my experience playing the game, and you can find the answers, word definitions, and explanations for each level.

I hope it is helpful to you and that you share it with people who need it.

wordscapes cheats and answers

Cheats and Answers

SUNRISE (Levels 1-12)
FOREST (Levels 13-80)
CANYON (Levels 81-160)
SKY (Levels 161-240)
TROPIC (Levels 241-320)
MOUNTAIN (Levels 321-400)
WINTER (Levels 401-480)
FLORA (Levels 481-560)
AUTUMN (Levels 561-640)
JUNGLE (Levels 641-720)
DESERT (Levels 721-800)
OCEAN (Levels 801-880)
FIELD (Levels 881-960)
LAKE (Levels 961-1040)
VISTA (Levels 1041-1120)
CLIFF (Levels 1121-1200)
BEACH (Levels 1201-1280)
FOG (Levels 1281-1360)
CELESTIAL (Levels 1361-1440)
WOODLAND (Levels 1441-1520)
OUTBACK (Levels 1521-1600)
FROST (Levels 1601-1680)
TIMBERLAND (Levels 1681-1760)
HILLS (Levels 1761-1840)
MIST (Levels 1841-1920)
FORMATION (Levels 1921-2000)

COAST (Levels 2001-2080)
TWILIGHT (Levels 2081-2160)
MARSH (Levels 2161-2240)
WOODS (Levels 2241-2320)
ARID (Levels 2321-2400)
TIDE (Levels 2401-2480)
PASSAGE (Levels 2481-2560)
AIR (Levels 2561-2640)
LAGOON (Levels 2641-2720)
PEAK (Levels 2721-2800)
ICE (Levels 2801-2880)
BLOOM (Levels 2881-2960)
FALL (Levels 2961-3040)
RAIN FOREST (Levels 3041-3120)
ROWS (Levels 3121-3200)
BASIN (Levels 3201-3280)
VIEW (Levels 3281-3360)
PRECIPICE (Levels 3361-3440)
STARLIGHT (Levels 3441-3520)
REFLECT (Levels 3521-3600)
MAJESTY (Levels 3601-3680)
ASTRAL (Levels 3681-3760)
STONE (Levels 3761-3840)
GREEN (Levels 3841-3920)
WEST (Levels 3921-4000)

WIND (Levels 4001-4080)
SHORE (Levels 4081-4160)
RAVINE (Levels 4161-4240)
BOTANICAL (Levels 4241-4320)
ARCTIC (Levels 4321-4400)
GALAXY (Levels 4401-4480)
TOWER (Levels 4481-4560)
PLACID (Levels 4561-4640)
THRIVE (Levels 4641-4720)
PARCHED (Levels 4721-4800)
FRIGID (Levels 4801-4880)
FLOURISH (Levels 4881-4960)
AURORA (Levels 4961-5040)
CREST (Levels 5041-5120)
FOLIAGE (Levels 5121-5200)
WILDWOOD (Levels 5201-5280)
BARE (Levels 5281-5360)
HIGH SEAS (Levels 5361-5440)
MEADOW (Levels 5441-5520)
TARN (Levels 5521-5600)
SUMMIT (Levels 5601-5680)
BLUFF (Levels 5681-5760)
STRAND (Levels 5761-5840)
CLOUD (Levels 5841-5920)
SUBLIME (Levels 5921-6000)

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few common game tips:

1. If you are given two vowels, try to use both vowels in creating words!

We all know that every word needs a vowel, and short words tend to have only one vowel, not two. This means words with two vowels are harder to guess, even with all the letters right in front of you.

2. Use the shuffle button!

shuffle button

If you ever feel like you’ve spelled every possible word for a level, but you need one more word to complete the level, use the shuffle option in the game. Sometimes, our brain just needs to see the letters in a different pattern to recognize a possible word.

3. Add an S

If you have an S on your letter board, add it to the end of some of the words you’ve made.

4. Use a hint!

hint button

As you play the levels, you earn coins. These coins can be used to purchase hints. Where 1 hint costs 100 coins. These hints work like a small cheat by revealing a random letter on the board.

5. Get specific with a bullseye

bullseye button

If you’re trying to figure out one specific letter, and don’t want to deal with the randomness of the hint booster, then the bullseye might be a better option for you. For 200 coins, you can use a bullseye to reveal one letter of your choosing, anywhere on the board!