Wordscapes Level 62 Answers

Level 62 (FOG 14, FOREST) of Wordscapes is labeled a “Normal Level” in the game and the players must make 7 words with the 5 letters in the bottom tray.

In fact, this level is challenging for some players.

Below, you can find some cheats for level 62 as well as a guide that includes the answers, a step-by-step solution, definitions of the answers, some tips for solving puzzles on Wordscapes, and a short list of other words you could make in this level that weren’t on the answer board.

Let’s get right to the point.

Wordscapes Level 62 (Fog 14, Forest): Answers

The board’s letters for this round are T, S, U, O, L. We can tell that the answers will have one 5-letter word, four 4-letter words, and two 3-letter words.

Below are the answers to level 62 of wordscapes:

  1. LOTUS
  2. LOST
  3. LUST
  4. SOUL
  5. SLOT
  6. LOT
  7. OUT
Wordscapes Level 62 Answers
Wordscapes Level 62 Answers

Above is a screenshot of the completion of this level.

We can find:

The 5-letter word is LOTUS, the 4-letter words are LOST, LUST, SOUL, SLOT, and the 3-letter words are LOT, OUT.


Wordscapes has a great feature in their game where you can quickly look to see the definition of any solved word via Wiktionary!

However, you may not be satisfied with this.

Therefore, more definitions are listed below:

    • [noun]: any of various water lilies including several represented in ancient Egyptian and Hindu art and religious symbolism;
  • LOST
    • [adjective]: not made use of, won, or claimed;
  • LUST
    • [noun]: an intense longing : CRAVING;
  • SOUL
    • [noun]: a person’s total self;
  • SLOT
    • [noun]: a narrow passage or enclosure;
    • [verb]: to cut a slot in;
  • LOT
    • [noun]: the use of lots as a means of deciding something;
    • [verb]: to form or divide into lots
  • OUT
    • [adverb]: from among others’

The definitions of all words above are from Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary is the most trusted dictionary of English word definitions, meanings, and pronunciations in the United States.

Step-by-Step Solution

I like to begin every level by first figuring out the word that is made from all 5 letters. You can tell from the board that there is only one word that uses all 5 letters.

Looking at these 5 letters, you can begin rearranging them in different combinations until you land on a combination that makes a word.

5-letter word: LOTUS

After figuring out that word, you can move on to figuring out the 4-letter and 3-letter words on the board:

4-letter words: LOST, LUST, SOUL, SLOT

3-letter words: LOT, OUT

It is always better to do than to say, so let’s take a look at my walkthrough:

step 1: LOTUS
step 1: LOTUS
step 2: LOST
step 2: LOST
step 3: LUST
step 3: LUST
step 4: SOUL
step 4: SOUL
step 5: SLOT
step 5: SLOT
step 6: LOT
step 6: LOT
step 7: OUT
step 7: OUT

The above is my actual walkthrough process.

Does it look clear?

You can follow my steps to complete it or refer to the completion picture or video to pass this level according to your habits.

Additional Words and Definitions

I’m sure you’ve noticed that these letters might make more words than just the 7 words on this board.

And you’d be right!

Here is a list of some other words you can make with these letters.

  • LOUTS – to bow in respect;
  • OUTS – in a direction away from the inside or center;
  • OUST – to take the place of : SUPPLANT;
  • SOT – a habitual drunkard;
  • SOL – an old French coin equal to 12 deniers;
  • UTS – a syllable used for the first note in the diatonic scale in an early solmization system;

Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful tips for playing wordscapes games:

  • If you are given two vowels, try to use both vowels in creating words.
  • Use the shuffle button for inspiration.
  • If you have an S on your letter board, add it to the end of some of the words you’ve made. 
  • Use a hintbutton.
  • Use a bullseye to reveal one letter.

What is Wordscapes Game?

Wordscapes (created by PeopleFun) is a great puzzle game to play to relax your mind and exercise it at the same time! Likewise, with the dictionary feature on each level, you can learn something if you encounter a word you’ve never seen before!

You can download it from the google play store (android phone) or the apple app store (iphone).

Go To The Next Level

Now that you’ve gotten a step-by-step strategy and some helpful hints, take a shot at level 63 on your own!

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