Wordscapes Level 346 Answers [Fjord 10, Mountain]

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To complete Wordscapes level 346 [Fjord 10, Mountain], players must use the letters U, T, Y, S, P, H to make the words: SHUT, PUSHY, THUS, HUTS, TYPHUS, PUTS, TUSH, PUSH.

Wordscapes Level 346 Answers [Fjord 10, Mountain]

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Wordscapes Level 346 [Fjord 10, Mountain]

Wordscapes level 346 presents a formidable challenge that will test players’ vocabulary and ability to solve problems.

In this level, players must use the letters U, T, Y, S, P, H provided on the board to make as many words as possible.

You must spell all the words correctly in order to pass.

It may seem impossible, but with the right tactics and a little bit of luck, this goal can be achieved.

Wordscapes Level 346 Answers

To beat Wordscapes level 346, players can follow this sequence to complete the target words:


Furthermore, the following words can also be formed from the provided letters, but are not part of the objective words:


Words Definition

Previously, the objective words for level 346 were discussed, along with the bonus words that can be formed from the tray letters.

Next, let’s uncover the meanings of each of these words:

  • SHUT: [verb]to (cause to) close something.
  • PUSHY: [adjective]behaving in an unpleasant way by trying too much to get something or to make someone do something.
  • THUS: [adverb]in this way.
  • HUTS: [noun]a small, simple building, usually consisting of one room.
  • TYPHUS: [noun]an infectious disease spread by lice (= small insects that live on the body) causing a high body temperature, severe pains in the head, and purple spots on the body.
  • PUTS: [verb]to move something or someone into the stated place, position, or direction.
  • TUSH: [exclamation]used to say that something is stupid or not true.
  • PUSH: [verb]to use physical pressure or force, especially with your hands, in order to move something into a different position, usually one that is further away from you.
  • PUS: [noun]thick, yellowish liquid that forms in and comes from an infected cut or injury in the body.
  • UTS:
  • SYPH:
  • YUP: [adverb]yes.
  • HUT: [noun]a small, simple building, usually consisting of one room.
  • THY: [determiner]your: the possessive form of thou, used when speaking to one person.
  • HYP:
  • TUSHY:
  • STY: [noun]a pigsty.
  • TUP:
  • PUY: [noun]very small, dark green, dried beans that are cooked and eaten.
  • TUPS:
  • SPY: [noun]a person who secretly collects and reports information about the activities of another country or organization.
  • HUPS:
  • PUYS:
  • PST:
  • PHUTS:
  • HYPS:
  • SHTUP:
  • PUH:
  • PHT:
  • SHY: [adjective]nervous and uncomfortable with other people.
  • PUT: [verb]to move something or someone into the stated place, position, or direction.
  • UPS: [adverb]towards a higher position; towards a higher value, number, or level.
  • YUPS:
  • PHUT: [exclamation]If a machine goes phut, it suddenly stops working..
  • YUS:
  • SUP: [verb]to drink or to eat.
  • HUP: [exclamation]used to encourage a person or animal to move faster or to work faster.

These meanings come from the authoritative dictionary Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

What is Wordscapes?

Wordscapes is a challenging word game that requires players to make as many words as possible using the given letters.

Players are given a set of letters and must use their word-forming abilities to create valid words by sliding the letters around the game board in any direction.

Once a word is constructed, it will be erased from the board and the player will receive points based on the length of the word, with longer words earning more points.


To paraphrase, Wordscapes level 346 may be difficult, but it is not impossible to solve.

By spending time to find common patterns and letter combinations, and using a dictionary or word list to help you, you can increase your chances of success and move on to the next level of the game.

By putting in the work, being patient, and staying positive, you can master this level.

By following the tips and strategies in this guide, you will successfully complete this level and earn all 3 stars.

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