Wordscapes Level 29 Answers

Here is the guide for wordscapes level 29 (FOREST – DEW 9), where you can use the 5 letters in the bottom tray: “A“, “O“, “I“, “P“, “N” to make 6 words that meet the crossword requirements.

The difficulty level of this round is Normal.

But since you’re here, I’m sure you’re having trouble, and I’m happy to help you here.

Next, I will list all the words in this crossword round and their definitions.

In addition, for those who like a challenge, I will give an extra word bonus: all the other words and definitions that match the given letters.

Let’s move on.


Each person can take a different crossword order to complete Wordscapes, depending on how deeply the words are remembered in mind.

Generally speaking, the fewer letters a word contains, the easier it is to remember.

To make it easier to complete the game for you, the answers to wordscapes level 29 will be given below in order:

  1. PIANO
  2. PIN
  3. NAP
  4. ION
  5. PAN
  6. PAIN

The above is just a text preview of all the crossword answers, which is not enough.

In my opinion, images may be more precise than text.

So, let’s take a look at the visual answer(Completed Screen):

Wordscapes Level 29 Answers, Completed Screen
Completed Screen

Words definitions

Next, let’s look at the common definitions of the above words:

    • [noun]: at a soft volume : SOFT —used as a direction in music;
  • PIN
    • [noun]: a piece of solid material; obsolete : the center peg of a target; the part of a key stem that enters a lock;
    • [verb]: to fasten, join, or secure with a pin;
  • NAP
    • [noun]: a short sleep especially during the day ; a hairy, fuzzy, or downy surface;
    • [verb]: to sleep briefly especially during the day : DOZE; to be off guard;
  • ION
    • [noun]: a charged subatomic particle;
  • PAN
    • [noun]: a natural basin or depression in land; a betel leaf;
    • [verb]: to place in a pan; to criticize severely;
    • [adjective]:
    • [adverb]
    • [abbreviation]:
  • PAIN
    • [noun]: a localized or generalized unpleasant body sensation or combination of sensations;

If you would like more definitions of the words above, you can find the definitive content at: Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary is the most trusted dictionary of English word definitions, meanings, and pronunciations in the United States.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

I’m sure you already know the words above, so if you want more of a challenge, you can stay here and go ahead and complete the crossword.

But if you want to finish the level simply, you can do so by checking out the screenshots of the following walkthrough and the visuals of the final crossword puzzle that was cracked.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

It is always better to do than to say, so let’s take a look at my walkthrough:

step 1: P-I-A-N-O
step 1: P-I-A-N-O
step 2: P-I-N
step 2: P-I-N
step 3: N-A-P
step 3: N-A-P
step 4: I-O-N
step 4: I-O-N
step 5: P-A-N
step 5: P-A-N
step 6: P-A-I-N
step 6: P-A-I-N

The above is my actual walkthrough process.

Does it look clear?

You can follow my steps to complete it or refer to the completion picture or video to pass this level according to your habits.

Other Words with The Letters

I believe you have completed all the above words puzzle correctly, so congratulations on passing this level.

If you are a challenging person, the words above must not satisfy you.

For this reason, I have checked the relevant information and provided you with the following bonus words, which I hope will be helpful to you.

  • naoi – an ancient temple or shrine;
  • nipa – thatch made of leaves of the nipa palm;
  • pian – YAWS;
  • pina – a cone of silver amalgam prepared for retorting;
  • pion – a meson that is a combination of up and down quarks and antiquarks;
  • nip – to sever by or as if by pinching sharply;


The definitions of all words above are from authoritative dictionaries, so please do not doubt them.

The following is a list of sources:

Congratulations, you have completed all the crossword puzzles in Wordscapes Level 29, and you have become stronger for it.

Next, you can click the button below “Next Post” to go to the next level.

However, If you came here by accident and want to try out wordscapes, then you can download it from the google play store (android phone) or the apple app store (iphone).

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