Wordscapes Level 5022 Answers [ Vast 14, Aurora]

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Let’s have a quick look at the answers for Wordscapes level 5022:

To complete Wordscapes level 5022 [ Vast 14, Aurora], players must use the letters F, U, V, O, A, R to make the words: OUR, FRO, FAVOUR, OVA, FUR, OAR, AFRO, FAVOR, FORA, FOR, FOUR, FAR.

Wordscapes Level 5022 Answers [ Vast 14, Aurora]

Whether you have extensive experience with Wordscapes or are just starting out, this guide will give you everything you need to succeed.

In this guide, we will go over everything from the basics of the game to advanced strategies and techniques, giving you the skills to solve Wordscapes level 5022 and move on to even greater challenges.

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Wordscapes Level 5022 [ Vast 14, Aurora]

Wordscapes level 5022 presents a tough challenge that will test players’ knowledge of words and their ability to solve problems.

In this level, players must use the letters F, U, V, O, A, R provided on the board to make as many words as possible.

In order to get all three stars on this level, players must make more words.

It may be a difficult goal, but with the right strategy and a bit of luck, it can be accomplished.

Wordscapes Level 5022 Answers

To pass Wordscapes level 5022, players can use this order to finish the objective words:


Besides that, the following words can also be formed from the provided letters, but are not part of the goal words:


Words Definition

As described earlier, the goal words for level 5022 were introduced, along with the extra words that can be created from the tray letters.

Continuing on, let’s examine the meanings of each:

  • OUR: [determiner]of or belonging to us.
  • FRO: [adverb]→  to and fro.
  • FAVOUR: [noun]the support or approval of something or someone.
  • OVA: plural of ovum specialized.
  • FUR: [noun]the thick hair that covers the bodies of some animals, or the hair-covered skin(s) of animals, removed from their bodies.
  • OAR: [noun]a long pole with a wide, flat part at one end, used for rowing a boat.
  • AFRO: [noun]a style for curly hair, particularly Black people’s hair, in which it is allowed to grow naturally into a thick, rounded shape.
  • FAVOR: [noun]US spelling of favour.
  • FORA: plural of forum.
  • FOR: [preposition]intended to be given to.
  • FOUR: [number]the number 4.
  • FAR: [adverb]at, to, or from a great distance in space or time.
  • ARVO: [noun]afternoon.
  • FAUR:
  • RAV:
  • VOR:
  • URVA:
  • UFO: [noun]abbreviation for unidentified flying object: an object seen in the sky that is thought to be a spacecraft from another planet.
  • ORA:
  • AVO: [noun]an avocado (= a tropical fruit with a large round seed and thick skin) or its green flesh.
  • VAU:
  • FRAU:
  • ORF:
  • FOU:
  • FRA: [noun]an agreement to buy a currency at a fixed price for delivery on a particular date in the future.
  • UVA: [noun]radiation from the sun with fairly long wavelengths. UVA is short for “ultraviolet A”..
  • FARO:
  • ARF:
  • OAF: [noun]a stupid, rude, or awkward person, especially a man.
  • AUF: [exclamation]a German expression that is used to say “goodbye”.
  • URAO:
  • VOAR:
  • VAR: [noun]abbreviation for Video Assistant Referee: an official who helps the main referee (= the person in charge of a sports game) to make decisions during a game using film recorded at the game.

These meanings are from the trustworthy Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

What Is Wordscapes?

Wordscapes is a challenging and fun game that tests players’ knowledge of words and their ability to form words using the letters provided.

Players must use their spatial reasoning and vocabulary skills to make words out of a set of letters by sliding them around the game board. The letters can be moved in any direction to spell words.

After a word is created, it will disappear from the board and the player will be rewarded with points based on the length of the word, with longer words earning more points.


Ultimately, Wordscapes level 5022 may present a challenge, but it is not impossible to overcome.

With patience and a focus on finding common patterns, you can use resources like dictionaries and word lists to help you complete the level and earn all 3 stars.

Through dedication, patience, and a positive attitude, you can conquer this level.

By implementing the tips and strategies from this guide, you can successfully complete the level and earn all 3 stars.

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