Wordscapes Level 663 Answers [Thick 7, Jungle]

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To complete Wordscapes level 663 [Thick 7, Jungle], players must use the letters J, C, A, K, T, E to make the words: TEAK, TAKE, JACK, TACK, JACKET, CAKE.

Wordscapes Level 663 Answers [Thick 7, Jungle]

Whether you have extensive experience with Wordscapes or are just starting out, this guide will give you everything you need to succeed.

From the basics of the game to advanced tactics and techniques, this guide will provide you with everything you need to solve Wordscapes level 663 and continue to face bigger challenges.

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Wordscapes Level 663 [Thick 7, Jungle]

Wordscapes level 663 is a difficult level that will challenge players to use their vocabulary and problem-solving skills.

The challenge in this level is to use the letters J, C, A, K, T, E on the board to make as many words as possible.

To achieve a perfect score on this level, players must create as many words as possible.

It may be a difficult goal, but with the right strategy and a bit of luck, it can be accomplished.

Wordscapes Level 663 Answers

In Wordscapes level 663, players can complete the goal words in the following order to pass the level:


Apart from that, the following words can be created from the given letters, but are not part of the goal words:


Words Definition

As described earlier, the objective words for level 663 were discussed, along with the bonus words that can be created from the tray letters.

Now, let’s examine the meanings of each of these words:

  • TEAK: [noun]the wood of a type of large tropical tree.
  • TAKE: [verb]to remove something, especially without permission.
  • JACK: [noun]a piece of equipment that can be opened slowly under a heavy object such as a car in order to raise it off the ground.
  • TACK: [noun]a small, sharp nail with a flat end.
  • JACKET: [noun]a short coat.
  • CAKE: [noun]a sweet food made with a mixture of flour, eggs, fat, and sugar.
  • KAE:
  • ACT: [verb]to behave in the stated way.
  • ATE: [verb]past simple of eat.
  • JAKE:
  • TEA: [noun](a drink made by pouring hot water onto) dried and cut leaves and sometimes flowers, especially the leaves of the tea plant.
  • JEAT:
  • TACE:
  • TAJ:
  • EAT: [verb]to put or take food into the mouth, chew it (= crush it with the teeth), and swallow it.
  • KETA:
  • KEA:
  • ETA: [noun]the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet.
  • KET:
  • TAK:
  • TAE: [noun]a sport originally from Korea, in which people fight with arms, legs, and feet. It is similar to karate.
  • ACE: [noun]one of the four playing cards with a single mark or spot. The ace has the highest or lowest value in many card games.
  • TEC:
  • CAT: [noun]a small animal with fur, four legs, a tail, and claws, usually kept as a pet or for catching mice.
  • KAT:
  • AKE:
  • CATE:
  • JAK:
  • JET: [noun]an aircraft with a jet engine that is able to fly very fast.

These meanings are borrowed from the esteemed Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

What Is Wordscapes?

In Wordscapes, players must use their word-forming abilities to construct as many words as possible from the letters provided.

In each level, players are given a set of letters and must slide them in any direction (up, down, left, right, or diagonally) to spell valid words.

When a word is made, it will vanish from the game board and the player will score points based on the word’s length, with longer words yielding more points.


In conclusion, Wordscapes level 663 may be difficult, but it is not impossible to succeed.

If you take your time and look for common patterns, you can use resources like dictionaries and word lists to complete the level and earn all 3 stars.

With practice, perseverance, and a positive mindset, you can master this level.

By using the tips and strategies in this guide, you can complete the level and earn all 3 stars.

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